I wrote, photographed, and designed this #1-20 book about Italy’s top pasta dishes. Each image shows the ingredients used in the pasta dish, featuring the number of the dish.
I didn't want this book to be a cook book. This book is meant to be a coffee table book for pasta lovers – something that inspires, informs, and excites. Each page details a brief history of the dish, the typical ingredients used, and how it's made. This was a passion project for me because if you couldn't tell, I love pasta. 
I was a finalist in the 2022 AIGA Flux Design Competition in the Publication category with this project.
I created this pasta pattern for the end pages and section pages. The reader "eats away" at the pattern on the section pages as they consume the book's content.
I photographed all of the images in the book, except for the cover and title page.

This book was featured in my show for the 15th Annual Michael V. Gmitter Celebrate the Artist scholarship and exhibition competition, in which I won 2nd place.

Completed: 2022
University: Pennsylvania Western University
Class: Typography I
Art Director: Shelle Barron
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