This project is a book about an overview of the Art Deco style and movement, including historical context, important designers, and examples in different art industries. My concept was inspired by the architecture of Art Deco design. ​​​​​​​
I pulled symmetry and geometrical forms into my design, created intricate art deco inspired patterns which appear as break pages to create loud moments in between the quieter text pages, and used art deco inspired frames around certain images for emphasis. I wanted my book to be sophisticated and minimal while still making a nod towards the Art Deco style.

I used gold paper for my end pages in order to reflect a bit of the "opulence" and glam of the 1920's aesthetic.

View my process work for this publication here.
Completed: 2022
University: Pennsylvania Western University
Class: Movements
Art Director: Cassandra Reese
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