Featured in my show for the 15th Annual Michael V. Gmitter Celebrate the Artist scholarship and exhibition competition, in which I won 2nd place.
This is a set of recipes and advice cards for college students learning how to cook for themselves for the first time. My concept is rooted in the vernacular of college note taking. I designed a pattern with ingredients rendered in a sketchy style to connect back to the idea of doodling in a notebook or in the margins of a textbook.
Check out my process work here.
My color palette is based on typical highlighter colors, which I used throughout my pattern to denote which ingredients were being used and to call attention to certain parts of the cards. I chose Mr Eaves Modern for my main typeface because of its modern qualities which added to the clean design. I used the font Rosmatika for the headings/titles which I then wrote on top of to give it a sketchier-hand done look.​​​​​​​
Completed: 2022
University: Pennsylvania Western University
Class: Movements
Art Director: Cassandra Reese
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