The Pizza Brain Museum of Pizza Culture is a museum and pizza shop located in Philadelphia, PA. Check out my rebrand below!
Pizza Brain is chaotic and eclectic, with its exhibited items scattered and hidden throughout the pizza shop. There is a grungy, retro vibe to the shop because of the old items that have been collected. For this rebrand, I pulled inspiration from vintage pizza boxes and focused on the distressed quality of the collected items in the shop.
 I created a brand system with a main word mark, color palette, font choices, and alternate logo marks. The concept for the pizza mark is rooted in "having an idea" or a "lightbulb moment" as I wanted to stray away from using an image of a brain. 
Check out my process work here.

Brand Board with Pizza AB

This project was featured in my show for the 15th Annual Michael V. Gmitter Celebrate the Artist scholarship and exhibition competition, in which I won 2nd place.

Completed: 2022
University: Pennsylvania Western University
Class: Corporate Design
Art Director: Scott Gladd
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