Grassroots Grocery is a non-profit organization based in New York City that rescues produce and connects it to families across the Bronx and other neighborhoods in New York. I volunteered with them as a graphic designer for about six months and created several marketing pieces for their events, including flyers and two-pagers.
This one-pager was used to reach out to artists and influencers who would be willing to host an event using their platforms to bring visibility to food insecurity and help distribute food to families in New York City. I followed Grassroots Grocery's brand guidelines in order to design this flyer with a fun, bubbly vibe.
With the help of this flyer, Grassroots Grocery successfully secured a DJ and rapper, Funkmaster Flex, for two Funk Flex Feeds the Block events, which provided over 10,000 lbs of fresh produce and 400 meals to families in the Bronx area.
Completed: 2023
Client: Grassroots Grocery
Art Director: Dan Zauderer
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